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This is an annual membership fee to become a member of Northern California Islamic Council. For efficiency and your convenience, it is a recurring payment that will automatically renew one year from the subscription date.

For any reason that you may need to cancel or update payment information down the line, you can do so by simply logging in.

A complete list of benefits and requirements for becoming a member are listed below in the product description.


Membership Requirements

The most basic principle and requirement to become a new or renewing member organization is to testify to the basic beliefs of Islamic faith.

Members (Masjids, Islamic Centers & Non-profit Organizations) must be California State registered non-profit organizations. Please upload/fax/send a copy of registration along with this application. All other Muslim non-profit organizations are considered associate members until they become California registered non-profits. [Coming Soon: All Muslim business will be able to register and become members as well.]

Member organization must be located in following Northern California Regions: South Bay East Bay, North Bay, San Francisco Peninsula, Central Valley, Central Coast and other parts of Northern California.

Membership Benefits

Unity. Help the community take shape of becoming one ummah, with one body and one collective voice. Unity is the key to have a more organized and thriving community.

Featuring. Your organization will be featured in our monthly newsletter, as well as our website. It will be enlisted in NCIC’s website directory. This directory is organized by service, allowing all those who seek a particular service to be able to find it. Your organization’s section will include photos, bio, contact information and more. Keep in mind that we are constantly developing and enhancing this service for the community, our vision is to the future and our goal is a positive community experience.

Outreach. NCIC is your voice. You can utilize the website to upload your event and also save the date for an important event. Our community calendar is a critical tool for having a collaborative and organized community. Your ground breaking news and stories will also featured on website and social media outlets. We aim to have NCIC be a central outlet for outreach, featuring all community news, sermons, organization and business news, events, and more.

This is just the beginning, as NCIC continues to grow and evolve we will offer more and more communal services.


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